Activites for Homeschool Students

Several options are available for homeschooled students, both group and individual. Homeschool groups may choose to schedule a field trip to the farm. All field trips include horse or pony rides and a Q&A time in which kids get to learn many interesting facts about horses and their care. Our Homeschool Farm Day program offers horseback riding along with other activities such as crops of NC, gardening and nature walks around the farm with tree and leaf identification. Picnic facilities are available.

Individual family activities are also available. Our 30 minute rental sessions give children a chance to come out and ride a pony or horse under the supervision and assistance of our staff. We also offer 1 hour private lessons which include grooming and preparing the horse for riding in addition to in-saddle riding instruction. Appointments are required for all activities.

Homeschool Farm Day – $75.00 per semester

Homeschool Riding Academy –  $90.00 per semester